Guide for New Faces

Being signed by an agency and starting out in the fashion industry is really exciting for many new models. Although it’s exciting, many models may also feel overwhelmed because they are unfamiliar with the business and how it works.

We at The Business Model have developed this guide to help new models get acquainted with the industry. Although the fashion industry is showcased as being glamorous and fun, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into becoming a successful, working model. Since the business is always changing and unpredictable, it’s important to prepare yourself for these changes as best as you can. The guide will help new faces develop a better understanding of the modelling world and what to expect. 

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Guide to Guarantees

By Natalia Zurowski

Agencies in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan offer models guaranteed contracts: an agreed upon sum that will be paid to the model upon completion of the contract in a specified period e.g. (60 days) provided that all conditions of the contract are met by the model.

Guaranteed contracts are written up by the host agency and then sent to the model's mother agency to review with the model. It's crucial that models read over their contracts carefully. If there are any parts a mother agency or model don't agree with, they can review it together and request that the host agency make the necessary changes. If you are unfamiliar with this process, it's highly encouraged that you consult with you mother agency, parents, or even a lawyer if necessary.

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