Guide for New Faces

Being signed by an agency and starting out in the fashion industry is exciting, but it's easy to also feel overwhelmed by a business you're unfamiliar with.

The Business Model has developed this guide to help new models get acquainted with the industry. Although the fashion industry is showcased as being glamorous and fun, there’s a lot of hard work that goes into becoming a successful, working model. Since the business is always changing and unpredictable, it’s important to prepare yourself for these changes as best as you can. The guide will help new faces develop a better understanding of the modelling world and what to expect. 

This guide is now an ebook: The Business Model's The Guide for New Faces. Launching on July 1st to celebrate the two-year anniversary of The Business Model, this eBook is a must-read for new models and their parents. Read more about the book here. Purchase now on Amazon for $2.99!

‘Model’ is a verb first and then a noun: I look for a model who understands that their talent is much more than a look and an ability to follow direction. True talent interprets an idea and sends it back as a performance that only they can uniquely provide.
— Robert Gaudette, photographer
The best advice I can give to younger models would be to stay true to your moral values and enjoy what the industry has to offer because not many people are able to travel and experience the world at such a young age.
— Dani Seitz, model at Chantale Nadeau/ Sutherland Models
My best advice for new faces is to be kind and respectful towards everyone that you meet. As a model you play one small role in a great production. Any shoot or runway show is a group effort and the best experiences are always a result of excellent teams that get along well!
— Addison Gill, model Chantale Nadeau/Sutherland Models
I would say for models [there] is no real solid formula . . . I look for someone who I think fits the aesthetic of the project being worked on [and] are chill and have a good vibe and energy around them. After all, every shoot is a team effort. A photographer must get a long with the model to work comfortably together in order to produce great imagery. No one likes to deal with a model with attitude.
— Felix Wong, photographer