Do Your Homework

By Natalia Zurowski

Throughout our modelling  market guides, we mention the importance of doing your research about the client you'll be working for. Although it should be common sense, I was reminded a couple weeks ago that for many of my colleagues, it isn’t.

I was working at an event for Clinique in Hong Kong promoting their new product Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +. During the event, I overheard one of the other models ask the client, "What is this?" within earshot of guests and members of the Clinique team. I shook my head. The event organizers didn't look impressed either. 

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Candid Encounters

Candid Encounters is a new series on The Business Model that shares the conversations we've had with members of the industry that have had a lasting impact on us. Whether that impact was positive or negative, we’ve felt compelled to share these encounters with you. In doing so, we hope our readers will be able to develop a better sense of appreciation, compassion, and understanding for other peoples stories, cultures, and/or opinions. In speaking candidly to these individuals, we are able to have a look into their thoughts from a more raw and personal perspective.