Model Alliance event offers insight into professional lives after modelling

American model advocacy group The Model Alliance is hosting a panel discussion in Manhattan on Thursday March 5th for models considering careers beyond the modelling industry. 

The Business Model spoke to Sara Ziff, Model Alliance Director, and Áine Rose Campbell, Advisory Board Member at Model Alliance and Model at Storm Models London about the exciting initiative.

Event poster for Careers Beyond The Runway | The Model Alliance

Event poster for Careers Beyond The Runway | The Model Alliance

"It is important for models to be able to explore new avenues while they are still working in the fashion industry so that there can be a smoother and more gradual transition into new areas of employment," Campbell told The Business Model. "This is critical as the fashion industry does not offer any support to models once they leave the field, and many of them are unsure of what to do next."

"At the Model Alliance, we aim to help models enjoy successful careers in the modeling industry, but we also appreciate that modeling is precarious work and that models have talents and interests beyond the immediate demands of their job," Sara Ziff said. "At our "Careers Beyond the Runway" event, we look forward to helping models realize their potential over the longer term by considering new career possibilities and navigating the next step in their professional lives." 

The event features five panelists, all of whom (except Lauren Gordon) are former models themselves, and will take place at 810 Broadway from 6-8pm. 

"With this panel discussion," Campbell said, "we hope to provide useful information for models thinking about new careers and support them in their transition."

To RSVP, models can email The Model Alliance at