John Pfeiffer talks about the casting business in New York

In a feature interview with The Business of Fashion, New York casting director John Pfeiffer (clients include Victoria's Secret and Michael Kors) says, "Models now have a much shorter cycle.”

Screenshot from  The Business of Fashion

Screenshot from The Business of Fashion

“The pace of fashion has grown so fast that you have younger and younger girls with much shorter careers. People want the next thing as fast as possible, so there is very little time for a girl to develop. If you don’t hit it now, you’ll probably be forgotten by the next season,” he says. “The stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, the window of opportunity for a model to make it big incredibly slim.”
As Pfeiffer puts it, the job consists of editing as much as it does of liaising. “With more girls than ever available now, and with so much to be discovered and sifted through, you are the first set of eyes for your client. The client trusts you and expects you to bring in a selection of models that is uniquely tailored to their needs.”

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