Without photoshop, Aerie sales up 9% in last quarter

Amidst the controversy surrounding Victoria's Secret, competitor Aerie's sales are up by almost 10%.

Adweek reports:

Aerie campaign | Adweek

Aerie campaign | Adweek

Aerie's bold decision to ditch Photoshop and other retouching tools in its lingerie ads may be paying off in more than just good karma and public approval.
[Aerie] saw a 9 percent increase in sales in the last quarter. The company announced earlier this year it would leave everything from beauty marks to tattoos in its ad campaigns.
Aerie has also photographed women of different body types modeling products for an online sizing guide to help shoppers visualize how any given style might look on someone with their bust size. Not only does this take some of the guesswork out of online shopping, but it also gives the company a chance to promote body positivity across a broader spectrum than just the what's present in its advertising.

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