NYC: All-size agency opens its doors

Jag is a new NYC agency that represents not only straight sized and plus sized models, but models who traditionally fall in between a size 4 and 12.  Jennie Runk talks to Fashionista about her Jag bookers (formerly at Ford+):

 Jennie Runk for H&M   

Jennie Runk for H&M


“I feel like Jag offers […] the best, most personal representation a model could ask for. [...] Not only do [Dakin and Sarka] always do what’s best for my career, but they also do what’s best for me as a person. Years ago, when I decided to go to college in Missouri [rather than move to New York to model full time right after high school], they never pressured me to change my mind… They did everything they could to make sure I was able to get the education I wanted without sacrificing my career. We’ve spoken recently about branching out from just modelling, and for me to rise up to my role as a public advocate for what I believe in. I am absolutely determined to defeat body hatred of any kind, anywhere I experience it, and they’re not only willing, but excited to help make that happen."

Are size-exclusive boards on the way out? Or is this a niche agency with no widespread appeal to clients? As it stands now, straight and plus size are entirely different worlds - as is editorial and commercial and male and female modelling. Time will tell if Jag's model will work. What do you think?

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