Casting Director Noah Shelley on Instagram's influence on casting

In their 'Our Selfies, Ourselves' series this week, The Cut is exploring "the complexities, vanities, and pitfalls of self-presentation online." In one instalment, Véronique Hyland interviews casting director Noah Shelley about the influence of Instagram on casting.

Noah Shelley of AM Casting. Photo by Carly Otness/ NYC | The Cut

Noah Shelley of AM Casting. Photo by Carly Otness/ NYC | The Cut

Here are our highlights:

For a really long time, you had brands fighting for exclusives, and everyone was pretending to “find” these models, which is crazy because they’re rarely found — some agency sent out a bunch of pictures to all of us and she works for a client that has the money or the necessity to create an exclusive. But after a while, you start wanting a personality. I think that one of the great discomforts of the current situation in fashion modeling is that we’re not cultivating the careers of girls that are great for long enough, so that they become recyclable, which is not healthy. It all seems to be about turnover, anonymity, and not cultivating the girls, and I think somehow there’s been a reaction to that.
It’s one thing to say, “Let’s do a bunch of real people in this way and feel unique,” but when all of a sudden you realize that 10 to 15 brands internationally are doing really the same concept, you’re kind of like, Oh, that’s the same idea. We’ve already hit a point where I have directors and ad agencies saying, “Hey, we want to find interesting people, but not, like, Skateboard Kid.” People are already being sarcastic about the clichés of street-casting.

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