Guide for New Faces eBook

As The Business Model turns two this week, we wanted to create an exciting surprise for our readers. We are pleased to announce that The Business Model's second eBook a Guide for New Faces, is available for purchase tomorrow July 1st on Amazon! 

Our original articles and industry guides have been a huge part of what has made TBM a success and a helpful resource to models. We understand how difficult it can be to navigate and understand the modelling industry, especially as a new face, and felt compelled to write a highly indepth eBook dedicated to helping new models better understand the business of modelling.

Whether you're a new face, seasoned model or a parent, TBM's Guide for New Faces will help answer any unanswered questions you may have, gain further insight on the business, and make sense of a sometimes complex industry. 

Topics tackled include:

  • Key industry terms 
  • Understanding mother agencies
  • First trips 
  • Guarantee contracts
  • Nudity
  • Social Media
  • A guide for male models
  • Being a parent to a model
  • Violence and oppression

And much more!

Purchase now on Amazon for $2.99 USD!

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