Short film Saudade captures different side of model apartment life

Saudade is a Portuguese word to express feelings of longing and missing. It's also the title of a new short film written and directed by Philippe Koo, in which two teenaged models meet in Bangkok. 

"The mood of Saudade is something everyone knows," Koo told The Business Model. "Being far away from home, a friends moves away or missing a time in the past. I know traveling models know this well, we miss home and when we're home we miss the life the friends we made overseas."

Released on YouTube by Team Mixed Show (featured previously here) last month, the ten-minute short follows American and Brazilian roommates and the subtleties of homesickness.

"Tal the [Director of Photography], Darin, Brenda and I were all modeling with the same agency. Tal and I both wanted to shoot something and the story presented itself to me," Koo explians. "What Brenda and Darin were experiencing as new models and as teenagers far away from home in a foreign land is something unique, and there was just so much potential, and character in these two kids. "

Featuring Brenda Monteiro & Darin Blaine Wilkens
Written and Directed by Philippe Koo
Director of Photography: Tal Lee @iamtallee
Sound Design: Allan Levy
Title Design: Theodore Daley
Colour Correction: Ohm Putthipat Prikinijchai