Hey readers, show us your casting style!

Casting outfits can be tricky. Choices and restrictions abound at once. A client has to be able to see your figure, but also your personal style. Your brand as a model must be clearly articulated, but you also have to be able to navigate through Manhattan quickly, comfortably, and without sweating through your crop top.

Just in time for show season, The Business Model is inviting you, our readers, to share your casting outfits. Show us your most comfortable stilettos, your most flattering jeans, and your tote bag that accommodates your heels and portfolio with room to spare.

It's simple: take a selfie in your casting outfit and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #castingselfie and tag us, @thebusinessmodel.

We'll select our favourites and feature the best looks on the site! It's a guide to casting outfits - crowd-sourced by you!

UPDATE: Casting Outfit Guide - Industry Guides