Letter from the Editors: A year in review

A year ago today, TBM went live. In the past year we've met some wonderful colleagues and friends, and made great memories.

From the beginning, we knew TBM had to be global. Globalization is a fact of economic, social, and legal life, and the modelling industry is no exception. Indeed, this is one of the things we love about this industry. Models from every corner of the globe come together in international commercial centres to work and live, making cross-cultural connections and enduring friendships and business partnerships. TBM now reaches over 100 countries daily, on all five continents. Our readers are NYC runway models, the giants of Asian e-commerce, and Polish new faces seeking guidance. 

Your questions and feedback drive us. Reach out to us via comments on the site, through facebook, or through email. What market do you really want to learn more about? What have you always wanted to know about the industry, but have been to afraid to ask? We want to bring you the most useful information on your ever-changing, transnational industry. We want to help you stay informed so that you can succeed. We want you to know your rights, know your business, know yourself.

Warmest wishes,

Jasmine Chorley Foster & Natalia Zurowski

Editors, The Business Model