Making room for breasts in fashion

In a May 2014 article about the "return of boobs" in fashion, British Vogue spoke to Jamie Ellis of IMG.

According to Jamie Ellis, a model manager at the agency IMG, which represents super "glamazons" including Kate Upton, Lara Stone and "the boobs from Brazil" Gisele Bundchen, "model diversity is a very hot topic at the moment as there is an increasing appetite for different shapes and sizes of girls." While models with boobs were previously discounted from a lot of high-end editorials, thanks to the size of the designer samples, which tended to discount breasts, Ellis says, "Recently we've been seeing designers more willing to change samples to fit a special girl." So if boobs are not yet an out-and-out fashion trend, they are becoming a frequent exception to the rule. 

TBM rounds-up the models that have paved the way for breast accomodation in the past 5-10 years:

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