An Interview with Carmen Kass

Carmen Kass | Raf Stahelin

Carmen Kass | Raf Stahelin

We love how Net-A-Porter always makes an effort to not only feature models on their covers for "The Edit," but interview them as well in an effort for readers to get to know their stories. 

Supermodel Carmen Kass talks to Maya Zepinic about her start as a model, being tough, and the valuable life lessons the industry has taught her.

" . . . It has something to do with the way I was raised. I had a lot of this . . . this toughess. My family weren't rich and I would always have my older brother's or sister's clothes, and when there was talk in the city, like, 'Oh the mother can't even buy this this or that...' You learn to be strong. I know who I am."

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