Dean Clyke Talks Business

Photo: Australia NEWS

Photo: Australia NEWS

Years ago, Dean Clyke "worked as one of Australia’s hottest male models for more than seven years, shooting campaigns for major brands such as David Jones with the Megan Gale and Miranda Kerr."

Today, Clyke is the CEO and founder of The Active, a website that provides daily deals on sporting goods. In the article, he talks about how his experience as a model helped him in the business world and gives out his pointers for branching out as an entrepreneur. 

". . . despite the fun to be had modelling, he said it has more in common with business than meets the eye. Strutting into a room filled with beautiful people or holding your own in a photo shoot takes a huge amount of confidence Mr Clyke said. The only thing that’s going to set you apart from other beautiful people is believing in yourself. 'In the business world, you have to believe in yourself, your brand and your products. If you don’t, neither customers nor potential business investors will.'"

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