Alecia Bell of Elite Toronto Fires Back

Alecia Bell and Coco Rocha | Elite Models

Alecia Bell and Coco Rocha | Elite Models

On April 16, an article written in Toronto's The Star newspaper entitled "Style with a sneer," made the assumption that the models walking down the runway at Toronto Fashion Week looked sad, bored, and starved.

The models (despite the fact that they are all beautifully dressed and living the best of all possible lives) seem to be almost uniformly in a terrible mood [...] Which brings me to another reason why I secretly think models tend to look so unhappy [...] the poor girls are, quite literally, starving.

Alecia Bell, President of Elite Model Management Toronto, wrote a well thought out and worded piece on the "unfair description of models" the article had made.

I disagree with the portrayal of models in this article. Furthermore I regret that a discussion regarding the mood of modern society concludes with describing models as unhappy, unhealthy, starved deprived animals [...] This is a sweeping generalization that equates to bullying. These young ladies have feelings. They are human beings, daughters, sisters, nieces, and friends. Perhaps it was not taken into account that models can be offended or endure emotional impact from cruel words.

On behalf of the models at Toronto Fashion Week and everywhere, thank you Alecia.  

Read her full reply here.