Paige Reifler: A name to know, or forget?

Since being embroiled in a One Direction scandal, the 18-year-old unknown has made huge gains in Twitter and Instagram follower numbers. writes:

Paige Reifler | via New York Model Management

Paige Reifler | via New York Model Management

Paige Reifler | via New York Model Management

Paige Reifler | via New York Model Management

Reifler, who at age 18 attends a special school in NYC so she can also work, has been on New York Model Management’s “New Faces” board since getting signed there last summer. But thanks to a growing buzz and a dedicated social media following, she likely won’t be there for much longer.

First, a quick debrief on that pop star controversy (to fill in those who didn’t open a new tab to Google her): The details are unclear, but Reifler met Harry Styles during the U.S. leg of One Direction’s “Take Me Home” summer tour. He was later spotted wearing her insignia “P” ring, they hung out a few more times when he was in New York and then it all exploded when a friend of Reifler’s posted a photo of the two in a compromising position.

Her social media follower count has rocketed up, and that initial wave of hateful tweets was slowly replaced by fan accounts and Tumblrs carefully itemizing everything she wears. Currently, she has 11,200 Twitter followers and 17,700 Instagram followers — big numbers for a model just starting out.

But it’s definitely beneficial in this new social media-focused era of modeling: Models like Karlie Kloss, Kate Upton, and Cara Delevingne all got huge career boosts from their respective high follower counts.

Fashionista concludes that she's one to watch. But her "big break" doesn't have much in common with the girls who launched a career off of online buzz. Cara Delevingne was noticed from her work for ASOS e-commerce, and Emily Ratajkowski was noticed from her work in Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" video. Reifler's story is resembling that of Kim Kardashian more than Cara or Emily.

She's certainly beautiful and has a great agency behind her (New York Model Management), so perhaps clients will respond to her and take advantage of her huge following. We'll be watching to see how her career unfolds.


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