Kate Krause of Q on the business of male models

Tyler McCall chats with Kate Krause, Director of New Faces (Men) at Q Management, about the business of male models for Fashionista.com. Topics include scouting, social media, and, of course, ego.

Sean Semmens on DSCENE Magazine F/W 14 Cover | Models.com

Sean Semmens on DSCENE Magazine F/W 14 Cover | Models.com

Here are our highlights:

I have a one-liner I used for years, and it’s quite daunting, but I’ve gotten used to it because I’ve done it so much: I go up to them and I say “Have you ever thought about modeling?” Most of the time they’ll say no, and I’ll say “Well, I think you have a really good look and I’m from Q," and then get into the whole spiel of who we are, what we do. I tell them the perks — like traveling and you can get a lot of money from it — and that’s when they start to get interested. Then I’ll round it up by saying, "This is my card, can I take a few Polaroids of you now? You can have a little think about it, read about us on our website, let me know if you’re interested. Either I’ll contact you or you’ll contact me," and that’s how we leave it. And nine times out of 10 I get them to come into the agency.
It’s better with girls, because every girl in their teens wants to be a model. With guys, it’s not that manly to be a model and to stand in front of the camera. However, the younger the boy, the more interested I feel that they are, because they don’t quite know what they want to do with their career yet. So you’re approaching them at a time when they’re maybe still in school or university and still figuring out what to do. And of course I usually propose if they like it they take a year out, travel the world, do modeling see if they like it and they could always do it part time or full time.
I’ve had more and more clients ask me, 'How many Instagram followers do they have?’ And I think that it’s a lot of free publicity for the client, especially when a model posts a picture backstage at their show or behind the scenes at this catalog shoot or advertising shoot. I think there’s a lot of free advertising going there. The boys are more and more aware of how many followers they have, hashtagging everything, posting things up — it really is going crazy with Twitter and Instagram.

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