Bravo British Vogue!


Most models in the industry know that the editorials you flip through in magazines require a ton of work and a whole team of people in order to make that story come to life. 

But for young girls hoping to emulate fashion models, many are unaware of all the work that goes into a shoot and only see the final result, which can be harmful for their self-esteem.

In an effort to help these young girls, Vogue UK "has made a short film revealing the work required to create fashion shoots, from the teams of make-up artists and stylists, to the digital enhancement and lighting . . . It will be distributed free to 13-year-olds in British schools this week in a bid to reassure young people worried about their appearance that nobody looks that good in real life."

We would like to applaud Vogue UK and editor Alexandra Shulman, on this amazing idea to help educate young girls and women alike. 

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