The Hair at Prada


Vogue UK talks to colourist Josh Wood about the dramatic hair transformations at Prada this season:

"It's the first time it has ever been done," Josh Wood told us direct from backstage at Prada. He and his team of three touched down in Milan at midday yesterday, and didn't stop colouring the hair of the 47 Prada models until minutes before the show began this evening.
"There were no hair pieces; every single girl had her hair coloured specially for the show," he explained. The more radical process took models from brunette to bleached blonde, and many dark blonde girls are now bright, glossy redheads. What Mrs Prada wanted, said Wood, was "a sort of unnatural natural," so he divided the models into four colour themes: a pale blonde, bright red, "woody Dutch brown" and "a sort of inky black" - and the effect on the catwalk was "a constant element of surprise, sort of forcing you to look at everything with new eyes."
There was, he says, "a real camaraderie" with the girls backstage - lots of reassuring chat between the models about whose career had taken off due to radical hair reinvention. And apparently, only one girl out of the 47 wanted her hair dying back straight after the show. Sadly, there was no naming of names - but we'll wait and see...