Way To Go Cailin Hill

Cailin Hill at Niagara Falls, Ontario 

Cailin Hill at Niagara Falls, Ontario 

Canadian model Cailin Hill from "Model BurnBook" fame, recently wrote a really awesome blog post that we feel many models can relate to: lying about your age in the industry.

In her post, Cailin reveals her real age and how she no longer wants or feels the need to lie about her age to clients anymore. And we're 100% behind her.

 "The beautiful 21 year old model across from me asked my age, and for once I didn’t fucking flinch. I was just like,  'I’m 29." Not, 'Actualllllly, I’m 29.' o'Honestlllly, I’m 29.' or*shrug* 'I'm 29!' and for once in my life nothing happened. Neither of the models were like 'OHHH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS!?' Neither of the models were like 'You look SO good for 29!' or 'I would never GUESS that you are 29!' They just looked at me like it was some regular fucking every day shit and I felt so validated. Like maybe it’s okay that this is my job. Maybe it’s okay that I look very young. Maybe it’s not embarrassing that this is my job. It's just a job after all. I want to escape this feeling like I’m old and I should have done more with my career. If I’ve been blessed with nothing more than to live my life in a far off land; with the man that I love, a very fucking cute dog and an apartment I can afford—I feel like it was all worth it. I don’t feel like pretending to be 22 anymore."

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