Wildfox CEO Allegedly Intimidated Teen Model into Having Sex With Him

Wildfox 2009 Fall Collection 

Wildfox 2009 Fall Collection 

Teenaged model Meghan Chereek is accusing James "Jimmy" Sommers, CEO of Wildfox Couture, of promising her a modeling career and then intimidating her into repeatedly having sex with him, telling her "nothing is free."

The NY Daily News reports:

James (Jimmy) Sommers, who is CEO of the L.A. clothing brand Wildfox allegedly took advantage of and sexually exploited underage model Meghan Chereek for several months, luring her in with promises of a modeling career with his brand, supplying her with a never-ending supply of alcohol, cocaine, and pot.
Chereek is seeking unspecified damages for mental and emotional suffering, injuries, and trauma, counseling and therapy expenses, shame, humiliation, and indignity, as well as future therapy expenses.
Sommers is charged with unlawful sex with a minor, unlawful oral sex with a minor, gender violence against the young woman, among other charges.

According to the Factual Allegation of the case filed in the Central District of California, Sommers could be facing very serious rape charges.

10. They went to the concert and then returned to his residence where he provided her with more alcohol and cocaine. She went to sleep and subsequently awoke to Defendant SOMMERS engaging in sexual intercourse with her.
11. Upon information and belief, Plaintiff soon thereafter, because she was unable to afford the rent that she owed to her roommate, was forced by her roommate to leave her residence. Plaintiff told Defendant SOMMERS about this problem and he offered her a guest room with a private bathroom in his house, which she accepted. In or about early September, 2012, she moved into the guest room which she exclusively occupied and where she maintained most of her possessions.

12. Upon information and belief, during the period of time that they resided in the same house, Defendant SOMMERS acted in an intimidating and aggressive manner towards Plaintiff and created a hostile living situation for her. He regularly demanded that she engage in sexual contact with him to which demands she submitted based upon her fear of him and her desire to establish a career as a model. Defendant dictated that she acquiesce to sexual intercourse and mutual oral sex with him almost daily. He would constantly touch her in a sexual and offensive manner and direct remarks of a sexual nature towards her. Plaintiff would periodically awake to Defendant SOMMERS standing over her and masturbating himself. He was constantly ingesting cocaine and/or alcohol and supplying her with the same. He would repeatedly. grab her and forcefully shake it. He would frequently raise his voice towards her, and would often demand in a hostile tone that she perform a task. There were many times when Plaintiff would find a reason to leave Defendant residence for extended periods of time just to escape him and the distressing environment that he created for her.

Sommers has not yet been found guilty or innocent. As this must be a stressful time for all parties involved, we are sending out our hopes that justice is served.

See the full document at the NY Daily News.