Coco Rocha: A Voice Of Change


Back in 2012, Coco had posed for "Elle Brasil in a sheer patterned dress layered over a bodysuit. When the issue was released, however, the image had been Photoshopped to make her appear nude beneath the see-through garment."

Coco is very strict about how she portrays herself and she doesn't allow herself to be photographed nude, semi-nude, or wearing anything sheer.

When her wishes were ignored, Coco "took to her Tumblr blog  

in a bluster," where she wrote: "I’m extremely disappointed that my wishes and contract were ignored. I strongly believe every model has a right to set rules for how she is portrayed and for me these rules were clearly circumvented."

Many models would kill to be on the cover of any Elle publication. But Coco stuck to her morals and knew where to draw the line. Thanks to social media, Coco was able to take matters into her own hands and speak out.

Coco Rocha is a fine example of how social media can help a model maintain their longevity in the industry, but also help them have a voice: 

"She is both the face of the industry and one of its most outspoken critics."

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