Carmen Dell'Orefice Reveals Her Secrets To Lasting Success

Most models have a career that lasts anywhere between 5-10 years and most of the time, it's even less. But Carmen Dell'Orefice - the legendary 82-year-old top model - has been in the industry for 70 years now. And counting.

Carmen Dell'Orefice shows how it's done

Carmen Dell'Orefice shows how it's done

In the article for the Daily Mail, Carmen reveals her secrets on how she has maintained such a long presence in the fashion industry. As well as some personal anecdotes on her romantic affairs, opinions about the fashion and modelling industry, and humble beginnings as a model:

"There‚Äôs no way I would have got to see so much of the world, with my humble background, without modelling. We were penniless and hungry for most of my youth. I washed the sheets in the bathtub in my bedroom and hung them out of the window on the clothes line, which in winter was difficult as the sheets would freeze and get stuck to the line." 

Rumour has it  a movie of Carmen's life is in the works. With a life as fascinating as Carmen's, we're crossing our fingers that they're true!

Read the fascinating interview here.