The Changing Face of the All-American Model

Joan Smalls

Joan Smalls

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The article, featured on, discusses how the face of the "All-American Model", has changed over the last 40 years.

"For decades, the term “All American” meant blond-hair, blue eyes and Nordic features", the article reads. But now, with a increasingly diverse population in The United States, being "All-American", has less to do with physical traits as it does with attitude and personality.

Arizona Muse, Karlie Kloss, and Joan Smalls are all beautiful, but none of them fit the "All-American" archetype that was used to describe supermodels such as Christine Brinkley years ago.  What these models do have, is an "impression of approachability, warmth, and openness [as well as ] being totally and ridiculously gorgeous, and yet accessible and somehow attainable at the same time. That, more than race or hair color, defines the 'All-American' model today."

Maybe the fashion industry has made more progress than people and critics give them credit for.

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