Josephine Skriver: Rainbow Kid

Photo: The Society Management  

Photo: The Society Management


Danish top model Josephine Skriver grew up in Denmark with gay parents.  She's using her voice in the modelling industry to advocate for equality. Here are our highlights from her wonderful interview with Fashionista:

Skriver’s upbringing would send any conservative American Republican into fits: Her mom, a single lesbian, decided she wanted children, so she put a listing in a gay publication seeking out a gay male who wanted kids too. And yet Skriver’s family sounds more traditional than you may think; she and her brother share the same biological parents, who remain close and share holidays together. Anyone would be proud to be from a family like Skriver’s–and she certainly is.
“It’s always been me that’s dragged my parents to the gay pride parade because I’ve always been so proud of them,” she told BuzzFeed. “We call ourselves “rainbow kids.’”

How has the modeling community, and the fashion community, reacted to your family story? 
In some ways, I feel like the industry I work in is one of the most open. The more “misfit” you are in the outside world, the more the fashion industry will embrace you. It is a very open minded community, so my story has always been met with a lot of positivity. And of course the fact that half of the industry are members of the LGBT community probably doesn’t hurt, either!
How do you feel about sharing your story–do you think it will have an effect?
It always made me feel good to share my story, mostly with people who had a problem with homosexuality previously, because I always have a little hope I can help them understand that being part of a family like mine does not make me less of a human in any way.
So by getting my story out there, I hope will get a lot, or even just a few, people to see and understand that gay parents can be just as good as straight parents. I want to speak up for (and speak to) all the children in similar situations as myself and help them understand that they should never be less than proud of their parents choices–to be open and true to who they are, whether their parents are gay or come out as gay later on in their upbringing.
But most of all, I wish my story will actually not be that interesting soon, because that would mean that society has come to accept LGBT parents to be just as traditional and normal as any other way of having a family.

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Josephine's parents must be proud of their brave, articulate daughter!