The Big Banks


The Economist looks at the world's biggest banks (by tier-1 capital as of December 2012) according to figures published by the Banker. The countries on the list are China, the USA, Britain, Japan, and France. Do large banks determine large modelling markets? We're waiting for The Economist's analysis of that, but it's certainly not a coincidence that those five countries are home to the most major modelling markets (Shanghai, NYC, London, Tokyo, Paris, etc.) 

Chinese bank, ICBC, is topping the list. Furthermore, there are four Chinese banks out of the world's ten biggest banks. Despite recent financial issues, The Economist seems optimistic about China's future:

In China slowing growth, combined with continued credit expansion, could indicate troubles ahead. But given that the majority of equity in large Chinese banks is state-owned, and that the government has a history of bailing them out, such worries will probably not concern the country's depositors too much.

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