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Canadians Coco Rocha and Iman were panelists at an event hosted by Glamoiur magazine “Secrets of Start-Up Queens." Here are our favourite pieces of advice from Fashionista's coverage of the event.

In the beginning, someone told me they wanted me to be nude, and I was in Asia, and they told me if I didn’t do it they would ship me back home and I would owe them all the money they spent. To this day, I’m still mad at those people for doing that to me. If it wasn’t written, they didn’t care. I really believe that from the beginning, you should figure out what should be in that contract. Sometimes, even when it’s written down people don’t care and I have to take the physical contract and show it to the stylist.

            -Coco Rocha

When I decided to enter business, it took 5 to 6 years for anybody to take me seriously. I did the first step forward to take my self seriously—I divorced myself from my industry. I stopped going to any fashion parties, so that people wouldn’t photograph me with “Model Iman” next to it. I studiously pick what I will go to and what I will not. If it endangers my brand, I don’t go.


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