The T Magazine Controversy

Julia Nobis, T Magazine

Julia Nobis, T Magazine

T Magazine recieved a lot of backlash after publishing this cover featuring fashion week veteran Julia Nobis. News anchor Cenk Uyger declared, “[Nobis is] obviously anorexic or has some sort of issue [...] she looks disgusting,” and like she “just came out of a camp” and that “as a red-blooded American man, that is not desirable.”

Julia's father Eddy Nobis responded brilliantly by saying,

“I hope that one day, if you ever have a daughter, and she is a 20 year old med student putting herself through uni, that you can be as proud of her as I am of my daughter each and every day. And I hope that if she happens to be a couple of pounds overweight (your genes can do that, Cenk, just like my genes made Julia a couple of pounds underweight) then she doesn’t get bullied online by some uninformed populist knuckle dragger like you.”

Models are easy targets, and Julia is very lucky to have such a supportive father.

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