Model Blog: Nicklas Kingo

From the blog: "All set for New York Fashion Week castings"

From the blog: "All set for New York Fashion Week castings"

Danish male model Nick Kingo's blog is one of the best we've seen in a while. Thoughtful, funny, and insightful, this is a must-read for male and female models alike.

Rather than dishing out the standard cheesy, insincere optimism, Nick's honesty and indecisiveness is what makes him so relatable - and readable.

In a post titled Model Memoirs: Returning To New York And Dealing With Depression, Nick writes, 

"I returned to New York little more than a week after returning to Denmark from Japan. At this point I felt jaded by the business. I don’t think this was in any way connected to staying in Japan, as I made good money there and had the time of my life - but more that I completely lacked passion in my life. As I touched on earlier I no longer cared about keeping my fundamentals in check for me to do my job, much less waiting around for shit to happen in a foreign country. I know I'm coming across as spoiled when I'm saying I was bored in New York city, but I'm a pretty time efficient tourist and I usually see and do everything on my list within a few days. So I was starting to doubt my choice of going an unconventional route in life instead of applying for a study I was only mildly interested in like a lot of my friends from school had done."

Follow him on Twitter and check out the blog - it is definitely a page to bookmark.