LONDON: Retailers and Vogue sign Equity's Code of Conduct

The Guardian reports:

The new code of conduct, which has been signed by Vogue, aims to make poor working conditions for models a thing of the past, promising no more than 10-hour days, food, water, breaks, insurance and transport – things that in most lines of work would be taken as a given. These all deal with basic human needs but the emphasis on "demeaning" and "degrading" acts that we occasionally face in our career is harder to combat – and more significant for the mental health of young models.

Victoria Keon-Cohen, founder of the models' branch of Equity, said some retailers and magazines had excellent working conditions but others must improve. She said: "Vogue's commitment has proven there is no excuse for the fashion industry not to respect Equity's code of conduct not only for models but others who the industry as a whole influences.

Model Sara Manresa writes:

Having worked as a model for 10 years, I have worked with some wonderful people, travelled to beautiful places and contributed creatively to jobs I am proud of. However, I can recall many times in which I have complained after a shoot to models or friends about how I wasn't fed, worked past midnight, had to change in public or how I still haven't been paid from a job I shot last year. We can competitively swap anecdotes over the most absurd, cruel and offensive jobs; but we laugh about it, desensitised to just how abnormal our working life can be.

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