Petra Nemcova For ForbesLife Holiday Gift Guide

Ph: Forbes

Ph: Forbes

Czech supermodel, Petra Nemcova, appears on the cover of ForbesLife Holiday Gift Guide. 

Although looking beautiful in front of the camera comes naturally to Nemcova, what she has been "pulling off for the past decade is singular among models." And to call her an inspiration is an understatement:

"In addition to her life in front of the camera, the 34-year-old Němcová is a philanthropist–in 2005, one year after surviving a deadly tsunami in Thailand, she founded the Happy Hearts Fund, which is dedicated to improving the lives of children affected by natural disasters. She’s also an ambassador-at-large to Haiti. And for the past three years, Němcová has overseen the launch of a luxury home decor line called Be The Light that’s inspired by her passion for travel."

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