WWD talks to the adorable Hollie-May


Hugely popular new face Hollie-May Saker talks to WWD about rumours, crying, and that Nina Ricci show.

WWD: How did you find out that you had booked Burberry? 
H.M.S.: I found out two days before, with my mom. She loves McDonald’s and they do this chicken thing that you can only get in England. So, we were in McDonald’s when I got the call. I just started crying and my mom’s like “What’s happened?” I told her and she threw the tray of food and just started screaming. Then, it got worse. We went outside and were walking down Oxford Street, and to anyone with anything Burberry — like this lady had a Burberry umbrella — she screams, “My daughter’s walking for them tomorrow!” I had to tell her, “Mom, please stop, please!” 

WWD: What was it like actually walking in the show? 
H.M.S.: I couldn’t believe it. In the finale, I had glasses on, thank God. My tears just started streaming. It was so much. It didn’t feel real. I was walking past Harry Styles, Paloma Faith, all these incredible people. I’m walking in the show for them. I’m showing clothes to them. It was crazy. 
WWD: Do you ever read any false rumors about yourself online? 
H.M.S.: I’ve read one that says, “With an interview with Hollie,” and it’s not even things that I’ve said and they reworded, but I never said them at all. Someone’s done a false interview, saying things like, “I would bring my mom with me but why would I spend money on flights for her when I can buy clothes?” That’s not me. I’ve commented on it like, “I’m Hollie-Mae Saker and I’ve never said those things.” 

WWD: You received a lot of press after the Nina Ricci show this season when a topless protestor interrupted your walk. 
H.M.S.: That was a bit mental. That got out of hand as well because the only interview I did was with my hometown newspaper in Liverpool. My words were “I wish I punched her, I wish I pushed her off the stage.” The Daily Mail took that and said I punched her and made me look like I was lying. What actually happened was that she grabbed my arm, and when I pulled it away, it just kind of slapped her. 

WWD: What was going through your mind when that happened? 
H.M.S.: I just wanted to get off the stage. I didn’t know what had happened. My original thought was maybe I had gone out and didn’t have my accessories, or maybe my skirt was tucked in. Then I realized what was going on as I turned my head. I was like, “I need to get out of here, but professionally.” I surprised myself because if this were a year ago I would’ve sat on the floor and cried and had someone remove me from the catwalk. 

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