Lindsey talks quirks, bullies, and beauty



“When I was younger, most people thought my lips looked like Tweety Bird’s—there were always comments like that from family and neighbors. Some kids at school were meaner, but it never bothered me very much. As a child, my dentist always asked my parents if they wanted to close my gap-teeth. I didn’t want braces at all because I already had glasses, so I kept saying that I’d wait to see how my teeth grew in. Now I’m really glad that I kept the gap. There are a lot of iconic women from past and present who have one.”

“When my modeling pictures first surfaced on websites and blogs, everyone was writing the same thing and putting the focus on my lips. I felt like by the time I started working with the top photographers and stylists, everyone already knew about them! They were definitely hyped up. I do remember that Pat McGrath told me once that I had a really good Cupid’s bow.”

“I actually use baking soda to exfoliate my lips—I mix a little bit with water and use my fingers to lightly scrub with it. Then I use jojoba oil and olive oil to keep them moisturized. I prefer things that aren’t too synthetic, so I don’t use traditional balms at the moment. Recently, I have been wearing lip color a little more. I like Estée Lauder’s Forbidden Kiss and also Guerlain’s Rouge G in Greta.”

“Overall, I’m a mix of a lot of different quirks, from my dimples to my eyebrows—to my lips, which I’ve always felt were just one of my signature features. I only have positive feelings toward all these quirks. They are what make anyone unique in the end!”