Forbes' Highest-Earning Male Models

Sean O'Pry

Sean O'Pry

Forbes releases it's list of the top-earning male models. Not surprisingly, 24-year-old Sean O’Pry, comes out on top with an estimated $1.5 million during the 12-month period analysed. To compile the list they estimated earnings from licensing ventures, runway shows, commercial catalogs, spokesperson gigs and contracts from fragrance and fashion companies.

Forbes also notes the dramatic pay difference between the top-earning men and women: 

A million and a half dollars isn’t chump change, but it’s a far cry from the $42 million Gisele Bündchen, the world’s top-earning female model, pulled in over the past year. So it goes for men in one of the few industries that women dominate — both in Q Score awareness ratings and in earnings. Female models, with and average salary of $41,300, earn 148% more than male models, according to
For men, attaining supermodel status is rare and challenging; they don’t have the opportunities to gain wide-scale exposure that Victoria’s Secret or a major cosmetics campaign offer female models. And the rates they command are far lower.
It’s conventional wisdom in the fashion world that men in ads provide a lower return on investment.

Other men on the list include big names such as David Gandy and Noah Mills. Ryan Burns' career interests us most however:

At No. 6 is Ryan Burns, with an estimated $610,000 in modeling work. The bulk of his total comes from his fragrance contract with Zegna, a brand that he’s held contracts with for multiple seasons. At 35, Burns’ resume isn’t as diverse, but because of his exclusive deal with Zegna he’s earned more than many other models with a broader portfolio but more sporadic work.

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