The World According to Cailin

We all love The Model Burnbook, the supremely popular tumblr blog of Canadian model Cailin Hill. We love her even more when she brings Maleficent into the mix:

You have one pot in the kitchen. The model cauldron. It’s cursed and only makes low sodium tomato soup, Tesco brand. Dishes spilling out over the sink, rotten and decaying. But you don’t care. Food is for humans. You’re a fashion model now. You live off of raw bars and diet soda. Whatever keeps your skin loose and sallow. 
They have their forums to talk about you. All talk is good talk. You look like a scary alien this season! They “don’t know” about your new high fashion asymmetrical bowl-cut. You lost weight and they fear for your cosmetic contracts! If you shaved off your eyebrows, some random bro from middle America that works at TJ Maxx thinks you could get a Prada exclusive. IF YOU’RE REALLY DEDICATED, that is. 

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