Improvement in Diversity?

Some big names made headlines as fashion month took-off, critiquing the disappointingly Euro-centric casting choices. At the end of September, Naomi Campbell seemed optimistic about the current state of affairs.

British Vogue reports

"I've seen a huge change this season already," Campbell - in London this morning for the launch of the British version of her modelling panel show,The Face - said. "Giorgio Armani used four models of colour in his show, and a model of colour opened his show, which is something that I haven't seen in a very long time. Jil Sander did; I'm naming names because this is a big improvement."
From Vogue UK's coverage of Louis Vuitton

From Vogue UK's coverage of Louis Vuitton

Happy though she is with the change for the better, Campbell cautioned against letting the current improvement lull us into believing that the situation no longer required attention.
"We don't want this to be a trend; that designers begin using models of colour just because we are raising our voices," she said. "We hope they will keep doing it and we're going to keep raising our voices until they do. It's a long-term plan."

While some shows were visibly diverse, others were not. It's especially discouraging when the biggest shows are still dominated by white faces. Marc Jacobs' final Louis Vuitton collection had just 4 of 42 looks modelled by non-Caucasian models. The high-profile shows are the public faces of the global fashion industry as a whole.