Rosie on job requirements and the women that inspire her


From British Vogue:

She admits that, as much as she loves to travel, constantly being on the road can be "exhausting and unsettling" - although, as she very positively says, "the greater the reward, the tougher the sacrifice". Last month, she returned to the catwalk for Balmain, an experience that she says "is always such a buzz". But what does it take to carve such a successful career? 
"Drive, balls, attitude, humour, manners, tact, wit, confidence, independence, fearlessness, opinions, and a great understanding of yourself," she answers. "I have found that all of these things take time to acquire and much of it is a part of becoming a woman."
She says that it's impossible to list all the women she admires, although starts with Audrey Hepburn, Jo Malone, Donna Karan, Jane Fonda, Diana, Princess of Wales, BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna - to name but a few. 
"I'm always drawn to women who have built something for themselves and for others and who are unashamedly themselves," she said. "To me, that is the true power of a woman."