A Message From Child Model, Lily Goodman

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In her letter, thirteen year old child model, Lily Goodman, writes why you should urge Governor Cuomo (NY) to sign the child model bill proposed by the Model Alliance:

"When I hear stories about some children quitting school or coming to America without their parents to model, I break a little inside. A child should never have to choose between modeling and education.  Missing out on education can hurt you in the long run. I am only 13 so this legislation will affect my future modeling career and I am hoping you will take the time to think about the children who will be protected by this legislation and call Governor Cuomo and ask for his signature so you can be a part of changing the modeling industry forever."

Read Lily's letter here

You can sign the petition directly on the Model Alliance website.

Or if you have a Twitter account, please send a tweet directly to Governor Cuomo:

"Dear @NYGovCuomo, please sign NY A.7787/S.5486 to give #childmodels basic labor protections!"