Katia Elizarova Campaigns To Strengthen Safeguards For Models


Russian model and actress, Katia Elizarova, urges UK's parliament to develop an advertisement industry kitemark, or code of conduct, to end the abuse of models.

 "There is a general malaise surrounding the relationships between talent, clients and agencies in the modelling industry . . . The confusion and imbalance in these relationships has resulted in bizarre role reversals and working practice abuses. There have been brave attempts, such as those made by Equity, to level the playing-field between model and client. [But] the largely unmediated and unregulated relationships in the sector continue to present, however, a number of significant problems . . . I would welcome the opportunity to meet with government ministers to discuss how to best ensure the safety and security of models working in the UK, with the hope of establishing a body that is empowered to offer support, investigate issues and enforce violations of conduct and regulation."  - Katia Elizarova

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