Role Model: Cameron Russell

Cameron Russell for The Gentlewoman

Cameron Russell for The Gentlewoman

TBM favourite, Cameron Russell, has conquered the modelling world, achieved a degree from Columbia University, and has set up several art organizations.

As her profile rises in the mainstream media, she's also proving that idiocy isn't a job requirement for models. British Vogue writes that she is, "becoming one of fashion's most talked about models, but not for the way she looks [and is] drawing comparisons with her fellow genetically-blessed American, Christy Turlington, who has also become known for her passionate opinions."

British Vogue reports:

"If a 16-year-old had my opportunity, I would say, 'Take it, it's fantastic; it pays for university, you will get to travel, you will have access to the media,'" she said. "But it is not a career over which you have any control. Any day they can decide they don't like you anymore, so you really should have something else that you are good at and passionate about."
"Becoming a model was very counter-culture for my background, which is hyper-liberal, academic and feminist," she told The Telegraph. "My mum never told me that I was beautiful when I was a kid - and I didn't read magazines or watch MTV, so I had no real consciousness about it all."

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