Male Models Real Threat: Male Celebrities


In Forbes recent list of top earning male models, Sean O'Pry took the number one spot, making $1.5 million (USD) in the last year. While Gisele Bundchen, who grabbed the same spot for female models, took in a whopping $42 million (USD).

But why is the pay gp between male and female models so high?

"This seems a little odd, as sales of women's and men's fashion and luxury goods are pretty much evenly split - equal, in fact - across the world . . . However the real glass ceiling male models face is not imposed by [male models] female counterparts, but by Hollywood actors and sports stars. A flick through the current issue of GQ - which stars James Franco on both the cover and twice on the inside Gucci-ad fold-out - features more 'talent' than the BAFTA red carpet."

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