FvF Tours Milano

 Photography for FvF by Agota Lukyte, Marco Annunziata

Photography for FvF by Agota Lukyte, Marco Annunziata

Freunde von Freunden, a website that portrays people of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds in their homes and within their daily working environments, takes a look at Milano:

Milan in the collective imaginary means elegance, energy and creativity. Here summers are warm, flowery and quiet and winters flutter a grayscale of large streets with austere buildings, pebbles and speckles of fog. It’s the place where every day designers open the shutters of their studios and business men and women dress in their tailor-made suits accessorized with large leather purses. Models dash gracefully around agencies looking for the next catwalk to jump onto. Milan is all this while at the same time holds glimpses of a Latin quality. Here you can breath the international air while joining a typical Mediterranean social gathering. Surrounded by people running around, you feel grounded and welcomed. A city that’s loud outside and quiet inside; a city that at first glance doesn’t show everything, that wants you to look closer to discover the strong and half-hidden industrial identity

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