Australia: Cassi Van Den Dungen claims injury, outstanding payment from Josh Goot job

Cassi Van Den Dungen Instagrammed an image of herself from a 2013 collection by designer Josh Goot, along with the comment: “The bets are on!!!!! This ‘client’ hasn’t paid!!!! Who remembers this shoot from 2013?”  The post has since been deleted from her instagram account.

Instagram screen cap |  Daily Mail

Instagram screen cap | Daily Mail

The Fashion Law reports:

Additionally, she told the Daily Mail that not only has she not been paid for the job at issue, she was injured during the two-day shoot. The 21-year old will reportedly be taking her case to Fair Work Australia, the Australian industrial relations tribunal that “works with employees, employers and the community to educate and encourage compliance with Australia’s workplace laws.”
Van Den Dungen claims: “I shot two days of look books with Josh Goot, shooting roughly 100 looks each day over seven hours. Most look books are anywhere between 30-70 looks, there was no time to waste, I was running between changes.” As for the injury, she said:
"For the first time ever I actually had to stop shooting a few times to take a break because I was in so much pain. After the second day shooting I could hardly walk. If I touched my ankle softly I could feel it in my toes and it hurt. I had my ankle strapped for three months straight and for another three months on and off to build the strength back up and support it after longs days on my feet. Ever since then there has been shoots I’ve had to stop because of pain, especially in those first six months."

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Cassi is represented by Silent in New York, Premier in London, View in Barcelona, and Scoop in Copenhagen.


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