Dior Pre-Fall showing in Tokyo

On Thursday, Dior showed it's first Pre-Fall collection in Tokyo, not Paris. 

Gianluca Longo explores Dior's decision for The Business of Fashion:

Amid the excitement about a rising China, we often forget that Japan is still the world’s third largest economy. This could be one of the reasons why Paris fashion house Christian Dior chose to show its very first pre-fall collection in Tokyo on Thursday night.

Sidney Toledano, CEO of Christian Dior, is quoted as saying,

“At Dior we believe in Japan as a market. They like consistency here and we can provide that to them. Japanese customers are very selective, since they understand quality and traditions. We have plans to invest more in Japan in the next few years — Dior has already 22 shops and five flagship stores in the country. And it’s better to invest now and to surf the wave when it’s still taking shape.”

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The New Tokyo - Asia & Oceania

The MODEL: Claire Dawe-McCord - Interview

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Original image by Onur Dag for Marie Claire Turkey

Original image by Onur Dag for Marie Claire Turkey

Madeline Hill re-counts teenaged modelling experience in Japan

On The Huffington Post, Madeline Hill writes about burning-out at age 15 while working as a model in Japan.

Image Courtesy of Madeline Hill | The Huffington Post

Image Courtesy of Madeline Hill | The Huffington Post

At 15, I was completely and utterly burnout out. Fainting was just the straw that broke the camel's back.

Most 15-year-olds are more concerned with high-school football games and sneaking alcohol from their parents than the measurement of their hips or making it to a shoot on time.

Working as a model in Tokyo, Japan only heightened these concerns. In that summer after my sophomore year of high school, they were the only things that mattered. My job was to sell my physical appearance seven days a week. I was to obey instructions from my agency and obey the requests of the client.

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