Photo essay: A humorous guide to Tokyo

After spending many long, hysteric hours of editing and selecting photos for our eBook The Model's Guide to Tokyo, we came up with some honest, unfiltered captions that we felt compelled to share. 

Grab your roommate, some onigiri, and enjoy!

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Coming soon: The Model's Guide to Tokyo eBook

You read that right!

Our market guides are our most popular features, and the eBook takes the Tokyo Guide to new heights. The Model's Guide to Tokyo is the most comprehensive guide to the Tokyo market and covers whether the market is right for you, what to expect at jobs and castings, and countless recommendations for grocery shopping and sight-seeing.

Inside, you'll find,

  • Market criteria: Is this the market for you?
  • Best work seasons for new faces and veterans
  • Detailed arrival information from Haneda and Narita Airports
  • Agency list complete with description of strengths
  • Casting protocol for appearance and behaviour
  • Common phrases
  • Types of jobs & up-to-date rates
  • Insider model tips
  • and so much more!

The Model's Guide to Tokyo is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released on December 17th!