New on TBM: Guide to Book-Building Markets

A strong portfolio is a crucial component of a model's career. Your pictures help sell you to a client and showcase your potential when you're seeking agency representation. The stronger the book you have, the more likely you are to get those lucrative jobs or to get signed by that top agency. The Business Model regularly receives emails from readers asking, "Where can I build my portfolio?"

Asia is home to nine of these book-building markets. Read all about them here.

Original image by Onur Dag for Marie Claire Turkey

Original image by Onur Dag for Marie Claire Turkey

How to deal with cockroaches

By Natalia Zurowski

If you plan on traveling to Asia during the summer months (June-August) you'll likely encounter a cockroach or two. Cockroaches can become a real nuisance, and nothing bonds an apartment full of models more than their synchronized shrieking over the spotting of a cockroach in their kitchen or bedroom.

At TBM, we've become experts when it comes to dealing with these pesky bugs and are here to help! We have compiled a list of useful suggestions to make sure your apartment stays cockroach free. 

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Hong Kong Guide Update!

As promised on TBM, we want to keep all our information current and up to date for all models. We always look at market trends to see what's new and what's changed to help keep you educated and informed prior to travelling to your next market!

Ph: Natalia Zurowski - Wan Chai

Ph: Natalia Zurowski - Wan Chai

As such, we have updated our Hong Kong Guide and included new client lists, job types and rates, agency descriptions, as well as our newest section on food and eateries!

Check out the guide here.