How to deal with cockroaches

By Natalia Zurowski

If you plan on traveling to Asia during the summer months (June-August) you'll likely encounter a cockroach or two. Cockroaches can become a real nuisance, and nothing bonds an apartment full of models more than their synchronized shrieking over the spotting of a cockroach in their kitchen or bedroom.

At TBM, we've become experts when it comes to dealing with these pesky bugs and are here to help! We have compiled a list of useful suggestions to make sure your apartment stays cockroach free. 

Common Cockroach - Project Gutenberg eText 16410

Common Cockroach - Project Gutenberg eText 16410

Still water - Cockroaches are attracted to still water. If the weather is very cold outside and they can't get water, they'll go indoors and find it where they can. Avoid leaving dishes with water in them in the sink. You can let them soak for a few minutes but don't leave them overnight or when you leave the house, otherwise, you may wake up to a guest or two. 

Sugar and sweets - Cockroaches have quite the sweet tooth. They love sugar. Be sure to properly put away all your food and seal containers. If you can, keep as much as possible in the fridge. 

Food hoarders - All models are paranoid that someone is going to try and eat their food - understandably so. But you're going to have to start trusting your housemates because if you keep food in your room, you're more likely to get cockroaches. I once had a housemate who kept sugar in her room (on the floor of all places) and didn't use the air conditioner - her room was like an oven. Needless to say, she was quite freaked out when a cockroach paid her room a visit. If you're super paranoid, lock your food up in your suitcase. That way, it's both cockroach-proof and model-proof. 

Boxes - If you have empty boxes lying around, toss them out. Cockroaches like clutter and will hide amongst them. 

Air conditioner - Cockroaches hate the cold. If you don't like using the air conditioner, just try to use it occasionally. It'll help fend them off, especially when it's wet and humid out because that's when they're more likely to come indoors. 

Spray - It's a good idea to go out and buy a cockroach spray like Raid. Be sure to open a window when you use the spray or do so prior to leaving the house. You don't want to breathe in the fumes. Spraying your apartment will help keep the cockroaches at bay. 

Muster up some courage - You or one of your housemates is going to have to dispose of the cockroach - whether by killing it or catching and releasing. Remember, you have to be fast because they move quick! If you happen to come across the ones that fly, good luck.