The models covering January

By Jasmine Chorley Foster

The January 2014 covers featuring a model

The January 2014 covers are in. Twenty-four featured a model (or two). The Business Model ran the numbers on nationality, skin colour, age, and measurements.

The average height was 5'10" (178cm), which is not surprising in the least. But all of the models came in at less than 6 foot (according to their comp cards) and the shortest models were 5'9" (175cm). Amongst them were: Sheila Marquez, Miranda Kerr, Crista Cober, Naomi Campbell, and Doutzen Kroes.

Since the age of models has been a hot topic lately (read more), it was a pleasant surprise the youngest model was 19 years old (Egle Jezepcikaite for Spur) and the oldest was 58 years old, the ever-elegent Iman. The average age was 22.

I was surprised by the average hip measurement of 33 inches (84cm). Of course the data was retrieved from comp cards so it would be safe to round-up half an inch. 33" was the lowest recorded measurement, and 38" (96cm) was the highest, Iman. Oh, to have been a model in the 1970s!

The majority of cover stars were supers like Naomi Campbell or celebrity models like Suki Waterhouse. But eleven lesser-knowns booked themselves a cover. For example, Russian Vogue booked both Maddison Brown and April Tiplady. 

The models were pretty evenly split between blondes and brunettes, with four of those brunettes being women of colour. Unfortunately, 21 of the 25 cover models were caucasian.

Interestingly, eleven nationalities made an appearance with six models from the United States, four from Australia, and three each from Russia and England.

While these findings by no means can predict the 2014 casting trends, its refreshing to see that 24 magazines booked a model for their cover. Furthermore, an average age that is over 18 is certainly sustainable, and the average height and weight indicates that runway models are being cast in substantial numbers, even though the supers and celebrity models are still booked over half of the covers not covered by actors, musicians, and socialites.